Bouldering Trip Fontainebleau


About me…

I am Daniel born on 17 May 1993 in Marburg an der Lahn. At the age of 21 I moved to the Rhein-Main area because of my studies. Since May 2015 I have been living in Frankfurt am Main. Where I also successfully completed my studies in fitness economics. My great passion is climbing and bouldering. Even as a child, the trees in our garden had to be used.

How did Boulderwald come about?

At the beginning of 2019 I went on a longer bouldering trip to the “bouldering mecca” Fontainebleau in France. It´s probably the most famous bouldering region worldwide. There I bouldered my fingers sore for a month and roamed alone through the beautiful forests around Fontainebleau. Equipped with a crashpad and a pair of climbing shoes.

When I found out that there is also the possibility for outdoor bouldering in the Felsenmeer (Odenwald), I had the idea to offer bouldering trips and day trips to as many people as possible for an affordable price. Since I discovered outdoor bouldering for me, it has become indispensable for me. It gives you so much more to practice your passion in the outdoors. I find it amazing how much power nature gives you: “It lets you escape your everyday life for a few precious moments”. This is a feeling I would like to pass on to others. And also give you the opportunity to experience so.

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