Bouldering in Fontainebleau…

definitely makes every bouldering heart beat faster. The small town Fontainebleau with about 15.000 residents is located about 40 minutes by car south-east of Paris. The forest area of Fontainebleau extends over 25.000 hectares and has more than 20.000 boulder problems. What makes bouldering in Fontainebleau so special is the fact that the sport has its roots there. In the early 1900 the “Bleausards” conquered the first sandstone rocks.

We from Boulderwald want to offer all bouldering enthusiasts the possibility to experience this with like-minded people in smaller groups. Bouldering, fun and the community are of course in the foreground. It is important to us that everybody comes home happy and “bouldered out” at the end of a day. If you like, you can get together with a cool drink and let the day sink in.

Bouldering in Fontainebleau is always offered as a 7 day trip. This includes five days of coaching, including chalk, tape and crashpads. Furthermore we have a nice accommodation in Larchant within walking distance from Boulderwald to the boulder spot L’Elephant, which offers many classics. We have a bus on site, with which we can easily drive you to all other boulderspots. You need a shuttle from Fontainebleau? Then let us know. You will also get high quality pictures after the trip, so that you have something to show when you are back home. For this trip everyone is responsible for their own food supply. We will visit a supermarket nearby.

If your fingers are tingling and you want to visit the bouldering mecca Fontainebleau, then book your tour

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The arrival and departure has to be organized by everyone individually, possible costs are listed below:

Flight: Frankfurt – Paris (from 40 €) , Berlin – Paris (from 60 €) , Munich – Paris (from 80 €)

Bus: Frankfurt – Fontainebleau (from 25 €), Cologne – Fontainebleau (from 29€)

Train: Frankfurt – Fontainebleau (from 100 €) , Munich – Fontainebleau (from 95 €)

BlaBlaCar: Frankfurt – Fontainebleau (from 25 €) , Munich – Fontainebleau (from 29 €)

Bouldern Fontainebleau