Ein-/ und Mehrtages Boulderreisen

Eden Reforestation Projects is a non-profit organisation that works in developing countries to reforest the forests of these countries. Eden Projects works hand in hand with local villages and communities that are experiencing extreme poverty due to deforestation. The organisation employs thousands of local people and teaches them what it takes to plant, grow and protect trees. In 2018, Eden Project broke the 200,000,000 mark on newly planted trees.

Globetrotter is one of the largest and most diverse suppliers in the travel and outdoor sector with years of experience since 1979. Their stores hold high quality products and have a great selection of brands.

Monkey Cage Aschaffenburg

The MonkeyCage in Aschaffenburg, has one of the best bouldering halls. They have seven different areas, which are changed regularly, a big training area, kids area and a comfortable lounge to relax. Everything is perfectly rounded off by a wide course program and the possibility for children’s birthdays.

Goodgrip is a supplier of climbing and bouldering equipment. They offer a wide range of products such as brushes, tape and chalk. Sustainability and social commitment are their guidelines. Some products are manufactured in cooperation with workshops for disabled people. Goodgrip also offers a wide range of vegan products.