Outside bouldering and planting trees with Boulderwald…

We at Boulderwald see great importance to sustainability. To leave such a clean footprint we have made it our business to contribute a small part to the preservation of our beautiful nature – together with you. Just like we want to boulder undisturbed outside, our environment has a right to a long and undisturbed life. Always behave in an exemplary manner towards all animals and plants.

To leave a clean footprint, we work with a non-profit organization called Eden Reforestation Projects. Up to now Eden Projects has planted more than 250 million trees in six different countries. In addition, they are creating new jobs for local people who can provide their families with essential food.

In other words, every time you GO BOULDERING outside ! with us, “Eden Reforestation Projects” plants five new trees. This has a lasting and positive impact on our environment. If you would like to learn more about Eden Projects, just visit:


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